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Advocacy & Lobbying

REALTOR® Governmental Affairs Directors (GAD) are your eyes and ears on the ground, providing insight into how policy issues affect residents, gathering feedback from the community, reviewing data on home sales and property values and compiling statistics that reveal economic trends in the state.

Imagine your real estate business with...

  • New service tax on commissions
  • Elimination of the Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • 10% tax on real estate advertising
  • $50 sign fee for each of your listings
  • Mandatory video sewer inspections costing an average of $500
  • $200 business registration fee for every licensee
  • No National Flood Insurance Program complicating or preventing closings on homes that are in flood zones
  • Mandatory fire sprinklers in new and rehabbed homes, costing $10,000 or more

Issues we care about

  • Eliminating red tape and unnecessary hurdles to real estate transactions
  • Reducing real estate taxes and transaction fees
  • Limiting fees and mandates related to real estate transactions and property improvements
  • Increasing the availability of affordable housing
  • Initiatives that include property tax and Illinois income tax incentives
  • Blocking Home Rule initiatives that drive up property taxes
  • Preventing overly strict building codes and zoning regulations that discourage new housing inventory
  • And much more

How RPAC is Advocating for you

  • RPAC is a Political Action Committee run by REALTORS® for REALTORS®
  • REALTORS® decide who gets RPAC dollars based on a candidate's voting history and their support for real estate issues
  • RPAC is voluntary
  • RPAC does not support candidates for US president
  • Invest in RPAC here!
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